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See how you can take part


Share a pic or video showing how you helped – on Facebook or Instagram with #AHelpingHand


Nominate someone in your family on Facebook or Instagram to help you in the kitchen with #AHelpingHand



Need inspiration? Here are a few ideas

Lay the table

A great way kids can help Mom prepare for Iftar

Help to serve

Give mom a hand getting everything to the table

Clean up

Put away leftovers, wipe the table, or wash the dishes

Cut the fruits

Easy way to help that will save moms a lot of time

Grill the meat

Grill the perfect steak for iftar          

Spread the Dough

Have some fun helping to make the dough

Ramadan Recipes

Manakeesh with Puck Labneh

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Puck Labneh on Egg Omelet

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Arabic Breakfast Platter with Less Salt Cream Cheese

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