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  • American American

    Discover a variety of American delights including mac n cheese with creamy chicken or indulge in our delicious gourmet beef burger.

  • Arabic Arabic

    Enjoy traditional Arabic dishes including Mini zaatar bites with cheddar cream cheese dip.

  • Asian Asian

    Give your taste buds the zing they desire and enjoy a variety of new flavours from our selection of Asian recipes.

  • Chinese Chinese

    Forget a take away and try cooking one of our Chinese dishes including the Cheese Mantou Rolls, perfect for an evening get together.

  • French French

    Start the day off the best way possible and enjoy a French Croissant with Cream cheese, dried fruits and nuts.

  • Indian Indian

    Try something different with a number of our Indian meals, including Masala French Toast, sure to impress your friends and family.

  • Italian Italian

    Discover our alternative options for pizza including Cauliflower Margherita Pizza with Mozzarella, or Pizza Waffles with Mozzarella.

  • Mexican Mexican

    Give the kids something different to try with our Cream Cheese Tortilla Pinwheel Sandwich, a delicious alternative.